This is the Most Realistic VR Game Ive Eever Played


#VR #VRGameThis is the most realistic VR game I’ve ever played : Earlier this week, I stepped into the single most realistic virtual reality game I’ve ever played. That game was … whack-a-mole. Okay, it wasn’t just whack-a-mole. The game is actually called Nvidia’s VR Funhouse and it’s essentially meant to act as a demonstration of what future VR games will offer ranging from life-like graphics to realistic physics.

See, virtual reality games are designed to drop you into worlds and situations you’d never dream possible in your ordinary life. I’m talking about experiences like piloting space fighters, painting the sky above your head or building machines with your bare hands.

There’s just one problem with most of these games: they don’t look all that great. Don’t get me wrong; the graphics for the vast majority of these games offer attractive visuals. But compared to your today’s biggest games, VR’s graphics just don’t cut it. Polygons (square edges) are often visible, and textures that make surfaces appear more realistic are often flat.

The problem with this kind of lack of detail is that it ultimately reminds you that you’re playing a game and can ruin the immersion of the VR experience.

Graphics card maker Nvidia decided it wanted to address this by creating what it calls VRWorks, a software development kit (SDK) that it’s offering to video game developers.

VRWorks takes pieces of Nvidia’s previous GameWorks SDK, which enabled realistic lighting and effects in standard games, blends it with some special sauce and voilà: you’ve got an incredibly realistic virtual reality experience.