Samsung won’t be producing any chips for the iPhone 8


#iPhone8 #ChipsSamsung won’t be producing any chips for the iPhone 8 : A new report from the Economic Daily News (via Digitimes) relays that Apple has tapped Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to be the exclusive supplier of A11 chips for the company’s 2017 iPhone, a device that might very well be called the iPhone 8.

TSMC is already rumored to be the exclusive supplier of A10 chips for the upcoming iPhone 7, though we’ll have to wait for the inevitable stream of device teardowns before we know for sure. As it stands now, A9 chip production for the iPhone 6s is split between TSMC and Samsung.

The report reads in part:

TSMC is already the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A10 chip which will power the upcoming iPhone series slated for launch in September 2016.

The Taiwan-based foundry will continue to be the sole supplier of Apple’s next-generation A11 processor that will be built on a 10nm FinFET process, the report indicated, without citing its sources.

Now as for why Apple may be abandoning Samsung entirely, the answer is three-fold. One, Samsung is a key competitor of Apple in the smartphone market.

Two, Apple was reportedly impressed with TSMC’s 10-nanometer manufacturing process and found it to be more cost-effective than Samsung’s offering.