Top 10 Scariest Alien Invasions and UFO Abductions


#Alien #UFOTop 10 Scariest Alien Invasions and UFO Abductions : Before we start, let it be known that no stance is being taken on the legitimacy of these claims. Some certainly seem more outrageous while others have confirmed details.

However, these proven details don’t necessarily mean that an alien invasion took place. It’s obvious that most of these people believe their stories and that in itself doesn’t make them true. Real or not, stories like these are both terrifying and wildly entertaining.

Just a simple Google search will have you overwhelmed with the amount of extra-terrestrial stories. In cases like these, it’s not easy to sift through them all so for your convenience, here are ten crazy UFO invasions and abductions to creep you out.


One man in Texas claims to have escaped from an alien race that abducted him. To support this claim, he shows pictures that prove (allegedly) the event happened. Many believe this evidence is enough while others want a more reliable source.

According to the man, he saw a large UFO near a Texas air force base. Witnesses say that this object has shown up repeatedly in the area. Besides the man, others claim to have seen numerous glowing orbs near this area of Texas as well.

Apparently, the lights were lined up in two rows and suddenly vanished. Unfortunately, the only footage is rather poor quality but an interesting story, to say the least


Stationed in New Mexico, Sergeant Moody reported a meteor shower. This was no ordinary meteor shower, though. According to Moody, a UFO landed right in front of his vehicle while watching the show.

Moody attempted to flee but suddenly passed out. Just before fully going black, he claims to have seen an alien shape step outside the craft.