World’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope Reveals 1,300 New Galaxies


#Galaxies #TelescopeWorld’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope Reveals 1,300 New Galaxies : The world’s most powerful radio telescope just revealed for the first time, never before seen galaxies lurking in the deepest regions of the known universe, that amounts to more than 1,300 clusters.

This radio telescope is known as MeerKAT, located in the Northern Cape town of Carnarvon in South Africa, where it captured new imagery of galaxies from a specific region in the sky where only 70 galaxies was previously detected.

Even if the MeerKAT is still undergoing construction, this powerful instrument will become integrated with the Square Kilometer Array which is a massive radio telescope project that will be established in Australia and South Africa. These new images are a first look of the telescope’s great capabilities when it later becomes fully operational.

This major breakthrough is also considered as a scientific milestone when it comes to radio telescope technology, as it is also the best one located in the southern hemisphere.

These first set of images are captured by 16 dishes of MeerKAT that are continuously scanning the skies, where a total of 64 dishes will be completed for this project.

According to SKA South Africa chief technologist, Justin Jonas, based on these newest results, the team is confident that when 64 dishes are completed, MeerKAT will become the world’s leading telescope of its kind.