Is McLaren preparing to build a new, £2m F1 supercar?


#McLaren #Supercar Is McLaren preparing to build a new, £2m F1 supercar? : The iconic McLaren F1 supercar could be reimagined before the end of the decade, complete with the three-seat layout which made the original car such a hit.

According to insiders familiar with McLaren’s plans, the new car will have 700 horsepower (hp), be built in very small numbers, and cost around £2m, over twice as much as the company’s current flagship, the P1.

Instead of being the fastest and most powerful car on the market, or one which can lap a racetrack quicker than any other, the new McLaren F1 is to be the ultimate GT car, a grand tourer with supercar looks and performance, but with comfort and (relative) practicality high on the agenda. Examples of this approach include the three-seat layout and a bespoke luggage set.

Speaking to Autocar, an unnamed insider said: “It applies the F1’s three-seat configuration to a different need: rapid, cross-continental travel with supreme speed and style. The result will be the most exquisitely crafted and luxurious road-going McLaren yet made.”

Internally, the car is being referred to as a hyper-GT vehicle, which fits somewhere between a GT cruiser and an all-out hypercar. The new F1 is said to have the same 3.8-litre, twin-turbo engine as used by the rest of the McLaren family, tuned to develop more than 700hp and produce a top speed of over 200-miles per hour.