NASA: First Six Months of 2016 Hottest Ever Recorded So Far


#NASA #ArcticNASA: First Six Months of 2016 Hottest Ever Recorded So Far : New data reveals that the first six months of 2016 confirms that these has been the hottest temperatures ever recorded, according to NASA and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) which is the third year to break previous records.

This intense heat is now melting Arctic ice sheets at an alarming rate that now results in ice cover potentially reaching its lowest extent on record, before this year ends.

For this study, scientists have obtained temperatures from different parts of the globe to compare and achieve monthly averages. For 2016, every month except for March, records show it has been warmer than past records since 1880.

For June this year, it was 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the entire average of June for the 20th century. In total, 2016 has been the hottest year by 2 degrees than the entire 20th century.

One of the major causes of rapidly disappearing Arctic ice is due to the combination of global warming effects and El Niño that percolated during the end of 2015.