Apple’s Mac lineup is getting incredibly stale


#Macs #HardwareApple’s Mac lineup is getting incredibly stale : I should start off with a disclaimer: we as consumers have gotten incredibly spoiled over the last 10 years. Thanks in large part to the iPhone’s annual refresh cycle, we’ve been unwittingly programmed to view any piece of hardware that’s more than a year old as old news, even ancient.

We all want faster machines, improved display technologies, and battery life than can last for days on end. And whereas we used to patiently wait for exciting new hardware innovations and products, the tech world today vociferously demands it now.

Which brings us to Apple’s Mac lineup. As we highlighted earlier this month, research firm IDC anticipates that Mac sales during the June quarter will see a year over year decline of 8.3%. All the more surprising is that most PC manufacturers will enjoy a year over year increase in sales.

This dynamic is highly unusual given that Apple’s Mac hardware generally outperforms its PC counterparts in terms of marketshare growth.

So what’s the problem, exactly? Well, the reality is that Apple’s Mac lineup may be getting a bit long in the tooth.

Sure, Apple may have just updated its svelte MacBook, but when we look at the entirety of Apple’s Mac line, there are far too many models that have gone curiously long without an update.