GTA 5 Cunning Stunts Available for PS4 and Xbox One


#GTA5 #RockstarGTA 5 Cunning Stunts Available for PS4 and Xbox One – Rockstar has introduced six new races and three new vehicles in the latest update for Cunning Stunts DLC. Super, Muscle, Sports, Bikes and Off-Road classes are the new races that were previously confirmed for Los Santos and Blaine County, and a new Premium Race will be released this weekend. The new vehicles include the Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa Sports, as well as the Western Cliffhanger motorcycle. These changes are available for players who own an Xbox One or PS 4 console.

Rockstar has is offering descriptions for each new Stunt Race (Afterburner, Forest, High Flier, Trench II and Zebra), so if you want to find out more about them, visit the studio’s official website. Recently, Rockstar has explained that some of the muscle vehicles that were introduced in this update are bonus rides available for players who are upgrading to the next generation console.