Mysterious skull recovered from Denmark belongs to an alien?


#Skull #AlienMysterious skull recovered from Denmark belongs to an alien? : A team of contractors in Denmark has discovered a mysterious skull with huge eye sockets and unusual fanged teeth. The team believes that this skull may have belonged to an alien that existed on Earth millions of years ago.

The strange skeleton was discovered by a team of Danish contractors in 2007 who were replacing old sewage pipes on Sealand Island, according to the Express. The skeleton is about 50 percent larger than a normal human skull and has unusually large eye sockets.

Allegedly, the skull has been recovered while digging out 100-year-old underground building that, many years ago, belonged to a butcher. According to a group of experts from Veterinary College in Copenhagen, even though the skull resembles that of a mammal, “certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.”

Since the discovery of the mysterious skull, the scientists have not been able to link it to any of the species of mammals present on Earth. A carbon dating of the skull revealed that it is around 800 years old. The age of the sample is particularly strange, especially considering the fact that it was discovered in a pipe just 100 years old.

After examining the skull for the first time in 2010, the researchers decided to get the area excavated further to find any clues related to the skull.

However, apart from a few stone axes, equipment and animal bones, the team did not find anything that could directly relate to the weird and mysterious skull.