19 Fantastic paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time


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Normally $0.99.

Start a timer by knocking/tapping on your iPhone! Your iPhone can even be in your pocket!

The Nok timer is the essential interval timer for cooking in the kitchen, working out at home or the gym, studying at home, or other small tasks that require repetition. Nok allows you to customize up to 5 timers with individual names and times for the ultimate interval timing experience. No need to go through the lengthy process of unlocking your phone, finding your clock app, and resetting your timer — simply knock twice to set it again. You can even tap the alarm on or off through your pocket!

* Works in your pocket!
* Works in the background and with music playing
* Customizable color interface
* Set up to 5 timers with customizable names, intervals, and colors
* Double Tap/knock to start and pause timer
* Pre-alarm feature to alert upcoming timer before it ends (in seconds)
* Lock/unlock interface to prevent accidental tapping
* Alarm with both sound and vibration

With a sleek, customizable interface that is almost as intuitive as breathing, you’re guaranteed to love this app. The two-tap system is easy to learn and even easier to use.

Great When Used For:
* Gym Activities. Time your reps and rests without overdoing either. Stay on top of your fitness regimen and never guestimate your workout times again. Have the perfect workouts! No more slacking off in the gym!

* Kitchen Activities. Steep your tea just the way you like it. Stop over-boiling your eggs. Let your dough set for just the right amount of time for perfect cookies every time.

* Classroom Activities. Time pop quizzes, memory exercises, classroom speeches, discussion time, and more!

* Parental Guidance. Great for time-outs and taking turns alike, not to mention homework intervals and laundry times. Parents love using Nok to ensure a harmonious household.

* Beauty Activities. Use Nok to perfectly time your hair and nail treatments to maximize the benefits of your beauty products and save money in the long run.

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