9 Steps You can Take to Contact Aliens and UFO


#UFO #Aliens9 Steps You can Take to Contact Aliens and UFO : For many, contact with an alien can be a step to take responsibility for past actions. Legions of people choose to remain passive instead of using methods to create an awakened reality.

In this reality, all beings,aliens or not, are enlightened. They are all connected via love and peace. The only thing holding us back from this is ourselves. There are many ways to contact a UFO and open ourselves to the galaxy and beyond. Here are nine steps to get you started.


Meditation is the key to overcoming your deepest fears, such as aliens or a UFO for example. Therefore, practicing meditation every day is the first step to preparing yourselves for all contact levels.

Meditation can take many forms but essentially it’s a tool for quieting down that chatty brain inside so you can hear your own thoughts. Furthermore, these thoughts will bring you to a higher guidance. It’s a place of serene silence that will help you develop your telepathic abilities.

Once you master your own inner voice and develop wisdom, it will become much harder for anyone to manipulate you. It can be a difficult experience at first, but there are many beginners guides out there that help with meditation.