Motorola Moto Z Release Date And Price Confirmed


#Motorola #SmartphoneMotorola Moto Z Release Date And Price Confirmed : Motorola Moto Z was brought forth by Lenovo and Motorola lately and it’s a tricky release for Motorola fans. The device itself is looking up to be one of the most promising ones coming from Motorola this year but there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the Moto Z release.

On the 9th of June, we saw the Moto Z which is a flagship device imitating the Moto Z series. Moto Mods are also available for the device now and it’s quite possibly the most exciting feature right now. If you’re a Motorola fan then you can now attach modifications to your device similar to what Project Ara had in mind a while back.

You can add an extra battery or a portable speaker, a projector, or pretty much anything you want. What’s more is that the base device is really cheap which is why everyone is so excited about, plus you can already pre-order Moto Mods from Motorola’s official website.

Motorola Moto Z Release

While the announcement was on the 9th of June, the release date for the Moto Z is still ahead of us. On the 28th of July, we’ll officially get our hands on the device as well as Moto Mods. So far we’ve seen 14 gorgeous Moto Mods available which really blew us away so we’re quite excited to see that Motorola is innovating the tech industry.

Verizon is going to be offering the device for $26/month for the Moto Z and $30/month for the bigger Moto Z Force version. That’s about $624 and $720 official price which is decent enough given the competition and how expensive it is.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do once you get your hands on a Moto Z? Tell us if you’re excited by dropping a comment.

Source: androidorigin