NASA Trains Undersea Crew To Prepare For Missions In Deep Space


#NASA #SpaceNASA Trains Undersea Crew To Prepare For Missions In Deep Space : To train for deep space missions, NASA doesn’t have to go very far. On July 21, an international crew of astronauts have donned underwater suits and transformed into aquanauts for an intensive deep sea water training that will prepare them for future deep space missions.

Undersea Training For Space

Known as NEEMO 21 or the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations 21, the 16-day undersea training requires aquanauts to dive down to the Aquarius Reef Base located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, just below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to NASA, the NEEMO undersea crew will carry out research both inside and outside the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary during the simulated space mission. Aquanauts will perform simulated spacewalks underwater while evaluating mission tools and techniques.

Inside the underwater habitat, the NEEMO crew aims to try out a mini DNA sequencer, which will be tested by NASA astronaut Kate Rubins once it is sent to the International Space Station, a medical telemetry device and HoloLens operational performance.

Aquanauts will gather samples for geology and marine biology research, test software for operations and participate in a project focused on coral restoration. Throughout these tasks, the crew will also analyze potential communications delays — those that would be encountered by scientists on a journey to Mars.