Top 7 Best Texting Apps For Android Free Download


#Best #AppTop 7 Best Texting Apps For Android Free Download : Texting apps for Android help you replace the default SMS app on your smartphone. Honestly, the default SMS app Android provides is not up to the standards. SMS has better substitutes in instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

However, there are still instances when you need to send an MMS or SMS. For example, when you do not have access to Internet connection, or you need to use those unlimited texts your service provider has offered.

Google Play Store has a lot of third party text messaging apps for Android available for free. It is the time you ditched the default SMS app for more customizable texting apps for Android. So let’s check out the top 10 best texting app for Android.

1. Google Messenger

Here, we are not talking about the default texting app on Android devices. Google Messenger is a Google invention that first came with the Nexus 5. It resembles Hangouts but has a better user interface.

The app loads faster than your regular texting app and is easy to navigate. You can send photos, record audios, and send texts within the app. Download this texting app for free if you value speed and appreciate basic Material Design UI.

Download Google Messenger