Mysterious Light Seen Streaking Across California Sky Is Re-entry Of Chinese Rocket


#Mysterious #CaliforniaMysterious Light Seen Streaking Across California Sky Is Re-entry Of Chinese Rocket : An enigmatic light ray was seen in the sky above the State of California. Scientists have already deciphered where this strange phenomenon came from.

There was a mysterious light that streaked the expanse of the Californian sky. It caused a wave of reactions from nightgazers on online social media in many states connected with California.

Video clips and photographs from California were posted on Twitter. It was viewed in the sky at 9:30 PM around Orange County and a few other regions. Social media aficionados also reported seeing the light in Nevada and Utah.

One of the denizens of the Bay Area made a video of the large series of lights shooting across the night sky much to the amusement and amazement of the people who saw it online. The scientists are quick to label it as a natural event.

Although there is mystery surrounding the happening, it could be space debris or a small fragment of a meteor. Interplanetary flotsam and jetsam are the most likely origins of this phenomenon. In other words, it is not a UFO invasion.

Such an object that enters the earth’s atmosphere probably encounters so much friction that it becomes red hot and causes changes in the surrounding space. It causes its milieu to glow with luminescence.

There were reports that somehow got leaked from the concerned authorities that the debris probably belonged to a Chinese space rocket. The launch of this rocket had been a big event in China.