iPad Air 3 release date rumors: launching between September 2016 and March 2017?


#iPadAir3 #Apple iPad Air 3 release date rumors: Third iPad Air flagship may still happen; launching between September 2016 and March 2017? : There haven’t been any updates or hints yet coming from Apple regarding the existence of an update to its line of Air flagship, the iPad Air 3.

Because of that, some fans are now beginning to doubt if the device would ever see the light of day. There are others, however, who are still hopeful about the next flagship as recent rumors suggest that the release for the iPad Air 3 may still happen.

For starters, Apple still hasn’t released any official announcements if it will ever replace the Air line of products, PC Advisor UK reported. And with that, some fans think that this could be the first indication that the iPad Air 3 is still possible. Other reports have speculated that Apple is probably refreshing its line of tablets once every two years.

The previous iteration, iPad Air 2, was first released to the media in October 2014. With that information in mind, the two-year cycle isn’t exactly over, thus giving the impression that the device could come out in September 2016 as the earliest time window, with March 2017 as the latest — if the prediction does come out as accurate.

If the speculation of a September 2016 unveiling turns out to be accurate, then the iPad Air 3 would be accompanied by many other products from the Cupertino-based tech giant. One of the expected devices to come out in September is the next update to the mini tablet line of flagship from Apple, the iPad Mini 5.

Other flagships are also expected to be seen at the event, particularly the next-generation smartphone from the company, the iPhone 7 and the update to its smart wearable device, the Apple Watch 2.

However, it is important for tech enthusiasts to note that this information is still up for debate. With that in mind, it would be wise to take this with a tiny pinch of salt and consider it as a mere rumor until proven otherwise. Source: mnrdaily