Moto Z vs Galaxy S6 Camera Comparison


#MotoZ #GalaxyS6Moto Z vs Galaxy S6 Camera Comparison: Did Motorola Actually Beat Samsung? : Samsung Galaxy S6 has been praised for months and months over its camera. The flagship device does indeed have a spectacular rear shooter but it seems that a new sheriff is in town. Following an intense test, Motorola’s latest device seems to have gotten a better score than the Galaxy S6 which is quite a feat.

DxOMark is the #1 source of camera test and is usually the industry standard in measuring how good a camera is. If you’ve heard about it before then you may be aware of how harsh the tests are and how well they are scored. Following a recent evaluation, the Moto Z got a score of 87 points.

It left the tech community speechless because it’s the second highest score DxO ever gave. It’s in line with the Sony Xperia Z5 and is better than the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which had a score of 86 points. Other devices with 86 points are Galaxy Note 5 and LG G5.

Motorola Moto Z Is A Surprise

We certainly weren’t expecting a device as good as the Motorola Moto Z this year. It caught us off our guard and the tech company really outdid itself. 2016 is an excellent year for smartphones as the Moto Z bring some insane competition to the table as if it wasn’t enough.

We’ve seen some amazing devices this year such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. Moto Z Droid is particularly popular because it brings forth Moto Mods, a feature that allows you to extend the hardware possibilities of your device. It’s quite amazing really and it guarantees a lot of customers.

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