Microsoft Band 2 Now Super Cheap in the US As Third Generation Debut Nears


#MicrosoftBand2 #WearableMicrosoft Band 2 Now Super Cheap in the US As Third Generation Debut Nears : Microsoft is expected to unveil the third-generation Band in the fall, and the company is now trying to clear out inventories of the current model with discounts and special offers at both its stores and retailers in the United States.

This weekend, the Microsoft Band 2 reached the lowest price since its launch in October 2015, as Best Buy started selling it for just $99 in all three sizes.

Microsoft Band 2 launched with a price of $249.99 in the United States, so this huge discount clearly shows that Redmond and its retail partners are trying to sell as many units as possible in the remaining time until the next generation sees daylight.

“Third-generation Band coming in October?”

For the moment, it’s not yet clear when this is more likely to happen, but there are signs that an October release is very possible, especially because this is also when Microsoft could launch the new Surface Book and Surface Pro models.

The third-generation Microsoft Band could come with an improved design that makes it more comfortable on the wrist, but also with interchangeable bands – a white version of the device was teased by Panos Panay, head of the Surface division, in a recent view, so Microsoft is planning either a white Band or interchangeable bands.

Feature improvements are likely too, and there are sources claiming that the Band 3 could be waterproof and come with support for swimming, which would be the most useful addition, as no other popular smartwatch or fitness tracker boasts such capabilities for the time being.

Pricing is very likely to be in the same interval as for the Band 2, so at launch, it should cost around $250, but a small increase is also possible if Microsoft indeed makes the Band 3 waterproof. More information will be offered in the coming weeks, as we get closer to the rumors release date. Source: softpedia