Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone Release Date: Is it Ever Going to Happen? : Microsoft Surface Phone is a widely anticipated phone. It is to be released in 2017 but rumors are piling up. One of the most anticipated and rumored specs is, the Surface Phone running on an X86 processor. Specifically, the Intel Atom X3, not an ARM-based processor much like most of the smartphones out there.

Windows on computers has a huge market. There’s no doubt about it. But Microsoft could not really impact the mobile market as much as it did, in the computer sector. It really just bought Nokia and ended up leaving it at a declining rate. Now, beyond any scope of an improvement it seems.

Most parts of the reason were negligence to the user on Microsoft’s part. There weren’t just enough apps on the Windows app store. Nowhere near as many as on the iOS and Android app stores. Microsoft should have understood a long time back that to take out a competitor, you should rather focus on the user, not on your competitor. Long time back, this is what Microsoft did with IBM and gained such immense success. Seems it didn’t really learn a lesson from its own success.