Instagram’s New Stories Feature Is Basically a Snapchat Clone


#Instagram #SnapchatInstagram’s New Stories Feature Is Basically a Snapchat Clone : Instagram on Tuesday announced a feature called Stories — which will look very familiar to anyone who uses Snapchat. Instagram Stories, as revealed in a company blog post, will let users string together multiple shots or videos into a single video that can be shared with friends. Users can type or draw on the images. And, after 24 hours, the videos disappear.

Friends on Instagram will know when you’ve got a new story when they see a colored ring appear around your profile picture. Users can browse through the stories of friends, celebrities and brands they follow. Viewers tap to move through a single story and swipe to jump between stories.

Instagram’s new feature is very similar to Snapchat’s Story feature, but it’s not clear whether users will be able to save their Stories as they can on Snapchat. Instagram Stories will be rolling out to users in “the next few weeks” on iOS and Android.

This sort of copying follows the usual style of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook – particularly when it comes to Snapchat. Ever since Snapchat came onto the scene, Facebook’s been trying to buy it or incorporate some of its more successful features into its own product. Facebook tried to make its own ephemeral messaging service in the past, for one, back in 2012. And its acquisition of the photo filter company MSQRD this spring was seen as a direct move against Snapchat.

In an interview with the New York Times, Instagram chief executive Kevin Systrom openly acknowledges that “other companies deserve all the credit” for coming up with the idea of ephemeral messaging, though he doesn’t mention Snapchat by name.