Kansas Weather Camera Captured 5 UFO Spaceships


#Kansas #UFOKansas Weather Camera Captured 5 UFO Spaceships : Frightening footage of 5 alien spaceships flying over Kansas City just posted by secureteam10. Alien leaders may be planning to invade Earth because they are going to take over America’s heartland.

The footage of the alien flyby was captured by a KCTV channel 5 weather camera. The alien images were even broadcasted to the public.

The glowing green UFO spaceships are definitely unusual, since they clearly knew the weather camera was there. Is this a warning from aliens? Or a threat?

Is this UFO spaceships weather camera video real?; or simply glare on the lens?

The five UFO spaceships are hard to miss on the video. They are clear as day. There was mention of camera glare from the weather tower’s live feed. However, experts don’t think so. YouTube channel secureteam10 posted the video and it was discussed in detail.

The glowing green flying saucer-shaped spaceships seemed to be taking off from a distant location. This could be the beginning of an alien apocalypse, and the heartland will soon be overrun.

UFO Spaceships found on weather camera will invade Earth; starting with America’s heartland

It would make sense for aliens to attack America’s heartland first. After all, UFO sightings and crop circles have been found in high numbers there. Aliens have always visited these corn crop locales of the US.

And their latest visits may be the start of an invasion. It’s no secret humans are destroying the Earth. Many alien believers think they are simply humans from the future traveling back in time through the galaxy to warn the humans of today.