The 20 Beautiful Android apps


#Android #Apps The 20 Outstanding Android apps for August 4th : New apps stream into the Play Store non-stop, which is both good and bad. There’s plenty of content, but it can be hard to find things that are worth your time.

You could through the glut of mediocre free-to-play games and keyboard skins all day and never find the really great stuff. Luckily, we’re here to find the coolest apps so you’ll know what’s worth your time and money.

So, here are the best new apps and games on Android right now.

Camera Zoom FX

   Camera ZOOM FX - FREE- screenshot

For anyone who’s feeling let down by their phone’s built-in camera app, Camera Zoom FX should have everything you want. The app is full of photography features, including time-lapse, burst mode, a timer, grid composition and voice activation. And of course, it has dozens of filters if you can’t live without that vintage look.

Free, $2.99 for premium features