5 Best Free Clipboard Managers for Mac


#Clipboard #Mac – 5 Best Free Clipboard Managers for Mac – Copying and pasting are the one of the fundamental actions that we perform on our computers everyday. However, even as our computers have evolved, this basic practice still functions in very much the same way as it did back when the first computers with clipboard capabilities came out. Why is that a problem? Well, the way copy and paste works right now, is that you can only copy one piece of text at time. If you need to copy multiple links off a webpage, and paste them in another window on your Mac, you’re sadly out of luck. However, you can thank the app developers that saw this problem and created a plethora of apps that can be used to manage multiple copied links.

Obviously, we scoured through the muddy waters of the internet, and tried out every free clipboard manager app under the sun. After hours of research, and a lot of testing, we can finally present 5 free clipboard managers for Mac: