Apple Music for Android finally out of public beta


#AppleMusic #iOSApple Music for Android finally out of public beta : If you started out being curious how Apple can actually bring their Apple Music app and music streaming service for Android users when they first launched in public beta last November, you either stayed and became familiar and comfortable with it or you just decided to stick with your Spotify or Google Play Music.

But either way, it looks like there have been millions of installs of the apps and now, they are bringing it out of the public beta and available as a full-fledged app. From the previous beta update, the only change here now is that it added equalizer settings, which is not really something that most users adjust.

But at least it’s there in case you want to adjust your sound settings. We’ve seen some differences between the original iOS version and this one on the Android platform. For example, obviously, a lot of Android users are used to having widgets and so Apple Music has its own home screen widget for playback purposes only.

You can also save tracks for offline listening onto your microSD card, so you won’t have to take up precious space in your internal storage. When Apple announced they were expanding their music streaming service to Android, purists raised their eyebrows, but it does make business sense to make something like this cross-platform, to reach a different market.

This is important since their archrivals Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music, etc are available on most platforms. You can download Apple Music for Android from the Google Play Music for free.

But of course you’d need to subscribe to the service to enjoy streaming music from its library (which includes Taylor Swift). You get a free three month trial and then afterwards you’d have to pay $9.99/month. Source: androidcommunity