NASA finds something strange of Mars which hint towards alien life in past


#NASA #AlienNASA finds something strange of Mars which hint towards alien life in past : NASA has already declared that they found water on Mars, this new discovery tells that there was oxygen too, which made the planet fit to live.

Mars rover curiosity is on the Red planet for the search of life, it analyses the rocks and sends the information to the scientists on earth. NASA has announced that the rover has found manganese in the rocks. From this information, the evolution of Martian atmosphere can be known.

It was expected to find ‘Basalt’, a type of rock forms when lava is cooled down, as most of the planetary surfaces are composed of this, In 2013, while the rover was in a hunt on this rock, it found something else, it was manganese.

Basalt might have little amount of manganese, but the level of concentration found in the rock revealed that it was heavily concentrated manganese, this was possible only if basalt rock was dissolved in oxygenated water.

This was clear that there was once water that dissolved Basalt, scientists have already accepted this. But the planet was ever oxygen rich, is the new thing that came in lights from this discovery.

When it first found that there is the presence of manganese on Mars, scientists thought that that there must have been some error in their data, so they sent Curiosity to take more samples from the Gale crater, the rover which Chemcham, which is a tool that analysis chemicals by vaporising the chunks of rocks using powerful laser. And manganese was found once again.

One of the ways in which oxygen must have ended up in the atmosphere is that the ionizing radiations from the sun could have split water molecules, hydrogen being light and the fact that Mars’s gravity is weak, must have left its atmosphere, as suggested by a scientist.

The discovery sheds light that Mars has evolved very differently than the earth. Oxygen-rich atmospheres are the proof that life is possible on those planets but not necessarily.

But if minerals are found along with the oxygen then it will clearly prove about the instincts of life on the planet. NASA will start looking for minerals on Martian and other evidence about its past. Source: