Galaxy Note 7 locks eyes on tougher security


#GalaxyNote7 #SmartphoneGalaxy Note 7 locks eyes on tougher security :  Over the last few years, hackers have stolen customer data from household names like Target, Home Depot and T-Mobile. A hacker reportedly has 200 million Yahoo credentials for sale. You can’t be blamed for feeling paranoid.

That goes double when it comes to your phone, which is increasingly the center of your life. Chances are, it’s a repository for your bank account apps, private data like your passport and address, and other personal nuggets you desperately want to keep from prying eyes.

It’s into that environment that Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 7 on Tuesday. The company touted the phone’s iris scanner as an extra layer of security beyond the simple password, or even the fingerprint. I

t’s one of the first major phones to carry such a feature (last year’s Lumia 950 and 950 XL also had an iris scanner), underscoring the mounting value consumers place on securing their mobile devices.

“We know that the more we live with smartphones, the more privacy and security is a growing concern,” DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile business, said at the launch event.

Worthy of 007?

An iris scanner, even more so than the fingerprint reader, is the stuff of James Bond films. So how does it work? Everyone’s iris – the colorful structure in the eye that controls the size of the pupil – has a unique texture, much like a fingerprint, said Asem Othman.

A biometric scientist at Hoyos Labs, which specializes in iris-reading technology. Unlike a fingerprint, the iris isn’t affected by aging. For one thing, it’s not exposed to the elements like the skin on your hands is. “The iris is the only internal organ readily visible from the outside,” Othman said in an email.

Regular cameras, however, can’t make out all the textural and color differences between irises. The Galaxy Note 7 includes an additional front-facing sensor to enable the iris scanning. It fires an infrared light at your face and uses a special sensor to pick up detailed differences between irises.