Jupiter Hurricane Killed Aliens on The Planet; NASA knows


#Aliens #NASAJupiter Hurricane Killed Aliens on The Planet; NASA knows… : Huge violent hurricane on Jupiter caused an alien apocalypse. And NASA still doesn’t know why. Could a similar hurricane be the end for humans? Scientists and NASA scramble to find answers. This may be part of a secret space program spearheaded by the Juno satellite mission.

The red spot on the planet Jupiter has always been known for its high temperatures. However, new research has found higher temperatures than expected. If aliens don’t have the tech to survive, we surely don’t.

NASA still looking for answers behind red hurricane on Jupiter three times the size of Earth

The red spec on Jupiter seems harmless when viewed from Earth. However, that little red spot is a hurricane with alien killing power. New research published in the academic journal Nature points out the red hurricane is three times the size of Earth.

It is also likely to be thousands of years old, says Kevin Nolan of The Planetary Society. This hurricane also produces very high temperatures, and NASA is clueless.

Missions to Jupiter may be on the NASA launch schedule following Juno satellite mission