[New Updated] chronology Incident Captured on Camera; African Jet Attacked UFO


#UFO #NASA – [Updated] Incident Captured on Camera; African Jet Attacked UFO : The rise in UFO sightings is exciting, and a bit frightening. Are aliens real? Are they trying to make contact with humans? New footage posted by YouTube channel UFO Sightings shows an alien spacecraft crashing in South Africa after being shot down by African jet. The video’s authenticity is up for debate.

The amount of alien sightings around the world, however, can’t be ignored. Government officials have hinted that aliens do exist. And even NASA is searching for life on Mars.

UFO crash in South Africa caught on camera; are aliens trying to make contact?

There has been an increase in UFO sightings in Africa. However, the latest alien spacecraft crash is the first in South Africa. The video shows a green beam of light falling from the sky over Johannesburg.

Reports said an African fighter jet shot the spacecraft down. The video also shows the crash site and officials searching the wreckage. Were their aliens aboard? The comments say the video is a hoax, but aliens may be trying harder to make contact.

UFO sightings have been reported in Africa since the first alien landing in 1965

The UFO crash shown on the recent video may be the first crash recorded, but not the first sighting. In fact, there was a report of aliens landing in East Rand. Two police officials witnessed the incident, and residents said they saw white and red lights.