How To Sell your Xbox One so you can buy an Xbox One S


#XboxOne #XboxOneSHow to sell your Xbox One so you can buy an Xbox One S : Looking to upgrade to the Xbox One S? Here are our tips for selling your original Xbox One console! The original Xbox One launched also three years ago and has since been followed up by a number of successors, with minor alterations and changes.

Most recently, Microsoft has debuted the Xbox One S, which delivers the biggest overhaul to the console’s feature set and form factor since launch. Between the release of this slimmed down iteration and Microsoft’s formidable Project Scorpio on the horizon, an upgrade is becoming more likely for every game out there.

During the upgrade process you might want to unload your old consoles in order to fund its replacement. With so many ways to market your console, finding the best buyer can be more daunting than ever. So how can you get the most for your system? Here are our tips on getting the most for your Xbox One console and the easiest ways to do so.
Where should I sell my console?

A number of different resellers and online auction places are willing to take on second-hand consoles, however, pricing varies between firms. We’ve compiled guides on the top retailers and websites, in order to maximize your earnings.

When is the best time to sell?

Rumors of new Xbox hardware always emerge before official announcements, which makes for the perfect time to get your console on the market. When new hardware is announced and moves in closer to launch, the value of older units will begin to rapidly decline. However, with the recent announcements of both the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, this isn’t going to happen for some time.