First Impressions Of The Best Android Ever From Samsung Galaxy Note 7


#GalaxyNote7 #AndroidSamsung Galaxy Note 7: First Impressions Of The Best Android Ever : The day the camera broke in my Note 4 was the last time I used that phone. I still have it, really I should get it fixed and pass it on to a family member or friend. The Note 4 is one of the greatest phones I’ve ever used. The Note 5 on the other hand, was less exciting to me, for one thing it didn’t come to the UK, but also it missed off a lot of the stuff I wanted in a Note phone.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to bring back the phone that I fell in love with back in 2012 when I first got a Note II as my main phone. And by missing out on the Note 5, I’m also missing the only Note that didn’t have removable storage. But let’s look over what I like about the Note 7 in the limited time I got to spend with it in the pre-brief and at the launch event.

Firstly, this is, without doubt, the best phone I’ve held in a long time. Samsung was keen to get us to think about how it felt, and I can see why. There’s some clear brilliance in the way the phone has a curved front and a matching curved back. Those two things together make it a joy to hold. It’s sort of the model Apple AAPL +1.49% has used on the iPhone, curves make it nice to hold.

Samsung’s skill though has been to maximise the 5.7-inch screen while keeping the phone as small as possible. The Note 7 is a tiny fraction taller than the Note 5 and another fraction thicker. In width though, Samsung has reduced the phone from 76.1mm to 73.9mm. We’re not talking massive change here, but the width reduction is important from a comfort perspective.


Here’s where things get a little bit less impressive than I’d like. The camera is, without doubt, amazing. But it’s the same as the one in the Galaxy S7. Now Samsung’s decision to align the model numbers might be a hint here, but I always liked the way the company used the six months of extra development time to make the old Note phones a little bit better than the Galaxy S line. That made it feel more special and worth the extra money.