Apple Challenges Microsoft Surface Pro 4 With New iPad Pro Commercial


#SurfacePro4 #iPadProApple Challenges Microsoft Surface Pro 4 With New iPad Pro Commercial : Apple still wants you to believe that the iPad Pro can replace your laptop, just like the Surface Pro 4. Mashable has the news.

“Apple wants you to accept the new iPad Pro as a computer. In the latest commercial for its more powerful 9.7-inch tablet, Apple positions the iPad Pro, with its optional Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, as a do-it-all productivity device, challenging the notion that it’s just a tablet.”

The article notes that the 30-second spot attempts to illustrate how the iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil work together in order to give you a full “computer” experience.

The only problem is that even though the iPad Pro (especially the 9.7-inch version) has received excellent reviews, most believe Apple’s claims that their latest iPad can replace your laptop are misleading. Brooke Crothers from Forbes is just one of the critics who go against Apple’s claims.

Apple is now pushing the iPad as the ‘ultimate’ PC replacement. Nice try… I really tried with the iPad Pro — for more than a month. But no dice. As I’ve written before, as long as iOS continues to stumble on productivity applications (and even some simple tasks), it’s never going to replace the vast majority of Windows laptops.”

“Apple’s iPad Pro tablet uses the A9X processor, which the company claims offers PC-like performance. But it’s widely acknowledged that Intel’s fastest Core i5 and i7 chips—which are also in MacBook Airs and some Windows hybrids—can outperform A9X, which is based on the ARM architecture,” says Agam Shah of PC World, who also notes that the iPad Pro doesn’t have the storage, the design flexibility, and the user interface that laptops offer.