Top 8 Myths About Selling Cars You Still Believe


#Cars #Buyer Top 8 Myths About Selling Cars You Still Believe : When selling your car for the first time, you may find yourself relying on what other people said, be it your parents, co-workers, or even your neighbors. You take their words as a guide in dealing with a buyer.

How can you be sure if these are true? On the other hand, if you’re an expert car dealer, sometimes, you’ve embraced old habits out of a good experience and accepted them as sure-fire tricks to selling cars. It might have worked for you or for someone then, but acting based on these myths could end up badly for you.

These misconceptions either limit your selling powers or place you on the pedestal too high. The ultimate goal is selling your car for the most reasonable and highest price possible. To do this, sometimes you have to think of what you’re doing and do the exact opposite. Here are myths about selling cars you should stop believing:

Car salesmen are dishonest.

If you think about it, those who lie often in this industry are the ones on the other side of the spectrum — the buyers. It’s not a bad thing as it is just a way for them to have control in a situation that involves a lot of intense sales pitch and now-or-never pressure. Anthony Curren, a marketing manager at Rick Curren Auto Sales, finds that car salesmen are quite the opposite of dishonest.

“I’ve found that the most dishonest people in the car buying industry tend to be customers. They will mislead about how much money they have to put down, what kind of payment they can afford, and what kind of offers they have gotten elsewhere.