UFO spotted in New Zealand and Mexico, Watch Video


#UFO #AlienUFO spotted in New Zealand and Mexico, Watch Video : Alien hunter UFO Sightings Daily that regularly posts about alien life and UFO sightings has again spotted UFOs in Auckland, New Zealand and in Mexico City, Mexico. Editor Scott C. Waring has released two videos for both the UFO sightings which show aliens hiding from the people.

In the first video, a dark disk is moving low from cloud to cloud over New Zealand. The video was made during sunset at 5:30 pm which is also the one of most common time to see a UFO.

In the second video, a green glowing UFO was captured by the camera near Mexico city last week. The triangular-shaped UFO was emitting green light and was hiding in the clouds during night time around 9:45 pm.

Waring says, ” Somethings they are shooting through the clouds, and they notice you on the ground watching them.

They move as fast as lightning, but when they notice you they will either stop for a few seconds, or they will circle the sky, sometimes both right above you.” He further added that he has experienced such events in the past. Source: Tecake.in