Alien Megastructure’ Continues to Baffle Scientists, Mystery Behind Star?


#Alien #NasaAlien Megastructure’ Continues to Baffle Scientists, Mystery Behind Star? : An alien megastructure is causing confusion amongst astronomers and scientists. The mystery surrounding a distant star, known as KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s Star, continues to thicken.

Is there really alien technology to be harvested in the said star that has been portraying weird behavior? In an unpublished study posted on arXiv, results of studies done on the star using the Kepler Telescope were released.

This was reportedly done over the course of four years. Surprisingly, the star’s luminosity varied. Over the study period, it dipped to 20%. Over time, the luminosity even diminished by around 4%.

“The part that really surprised me was just how rapid and non-linear [the dimming] was. We spent a long time trying to convince ourselves this wasn’t real. We just weren’t able to,” stated Ben Montet of Caltech, author of the study.

KIC 8462852 was first observed in the 19th century. Thus, scientists had multiple data as reference for research answers. Bradley Schaefer, another researcher from the Louisiana State University claims that the star’s light output decreased by 19% in the past 100 years. However, his study was greatly disputed.