Apple prepping a “killer” health device for 2017, rumor says


#AppleWatch #WearableApple prepping a “killer” health device for 2017, rumor says : Apple is expected to release a second-generation Apple Watchwith new sensors later this year, but the company could be working on an even more powerful health-focused device for 2017.

A new report from the Economic Daily News offers some details on the “killer new product,” but doesn’t go into much detail. The new product would be able to measure your heart rate and pulse, along with your blood sugar levels, the report said.

The current Apple Watch can already do two of those, but blood sugar data would be something new. Still, that’s not necessarily enough to make this a “killer” gadget. Let’s also not forget the early original Apple Watch rumors also pointed to these sorts of advanced sensors.

It’s also unclear if this alleged new gadget is another Apple Watch or something else entirely. However, Cupertino has previously stated it doesn’t want to push too far into the health arena with its smartwatch.

That way the company can skip the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process, which might otherwise slow down its upgrade cycle. It seems more likely this mysterious new product will be something else entirely.

We don’t have much to go on for now, but we may learn more in 2017 if this rumor is accurate. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the new Apple Watch models allegedly set to launch later this year. Source: technobuffalo