Apple Watch 2 release date news: Famed tech analyst tips potential specification for the next Apple Watch


#AppleWatch2 #watchOS2Apple Watch 2 release date news: Famed tech analyst tips potential specification for the next Apple Watch : Many fans are now getting pretty excited to know the details of the much awaited next-generation Apple Watch that is being expected to roll out later this year. Luckily, new reports have emerged suggesting the possible specifications for the Apple Watch 2.

In a note that famed and reliable tipster, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, had sent to the investors last weekend, it seems like fans will have an option to choose from two different versions of the Apple Watch 2, Apple Insider reported.

The first variant, as was noted in the report, will have the same style as the current Apple Watch smart wearable device. It will, however, come with upgraded internal components like a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company processor that is built on a 16-nanometer architecture and a slightly improved water resistant body.

The second variant, which is the actual Apple Watch 2, is not going to be different from the current ones in terms of design. The internal specifications, however, will differ. According to Kuo, the Apple Watch 2 will sport a global positioning system (GPS) radio and a barometer that will further improve its geolocation system.

Furthermore, fans can expect a larger battery life for the second version, which isn’t that surprising considering that this is pretty much needed to support its advanced components. Because of the latter information, tech enthusiasts shouldn’t expect to see a slimmer version of the Apple Watch 2 in the market.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 2 is not the only device that fans are expecting to see sometime later this year, possibly by September. Past reports have also revealed that the iPhone 7 and the iPad Mini 5 might have their official debut alongside the smart wearable device in the mentioned month.

However, it should be noted that everything is just based on rumors, predictions, and speculations. That being said, it would be best to take these claims with a tiny pinch of salt, and just wait for official announcements coming from Apple regarding the matter. Source: Mnrdaily