Here’s When The PS4 Neo May Be Revealed


#PS4Neo #SonyHere’s When The PS4 Neo May Be Revealed : A lot of speculation has started to latch itself onto the rumor mill, spinning and picking up a lot of speed after Sony announced that they had big plans for the PlayStation brand to be revealed on September 7th. Some people believe that’s when the PS4 Neo may be revealed.

IGN is reporting that invitations are being sent out to select gaming outlets to attend a media event in New York at the PlayStation Theater. The invitations don’t specify what is going on, only that an event is happening. Things will get underway during the middle of the day, at 3pm Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday afternoon.

It’s an odd day to make such an announcement and the fact that it happens in the middle of the day is also kind of odd. Then again, Sony may be considering their U.K. viewers and attempting to keep things within a reasonable time frame for gamers the world around.

The event will take place a week before the Tokyo Game Show gets underway in Japan, which runs from September 15th to September 18th. It’s a bit shocking that Sony wouldn’t have simply waited a week to make the announcement then. Then again… they could be holding off on the full announcement until TGS.

Remember, back in 2013 Microsoft made a two-pronged announcement for the Xbox One, doing a media event in May and then later they followed it up by actually talking about the games in June at E3. It certainly wasn’t the best of events and Microsoft completely bungled the unveiling by focusing entirely on the Kinect 2.0 and television programming through a set-top box, but that’s why they used E3 to actually talk about the games.