Over 10 People Observed UFO Hovering Around Stadium in Poland


#UFO #AliensOver 10 People Observed UFO Hovering Around Stadium in Poland : New UFO sighting is drawing a lot of attention from people around the world. At least 10 people saw the alien spacecraft hovering over a stadium in Poland. Officials know about aliens, and they want to reveal the secret.

YouTube channel UFO Sightings posted videos for you to finally get the truth. And you may want to prepare for survival, since some experts say alien activity is first of many missions before a 2017 invasion.

Russian officials know about aliens; the UFO captured watching fireworks is another sign of the invasion

Since space missions began, Russian astronauts have shot their own alien inspired films. Strange spaceships flying by the ISS and the Mars rover are other telltale signs.

The glowing green UFO hovering over fireworks in Poland is most certainly scary. And at least 10 people saw the spacecraft as it watched colorful explosions. This is simply more research for the upcoming war.

Did aliens think fireworks were nuclear blasts? The UFO invasion in 2017 will stop the Russian and U.S. war

Growing alien activity and UFO sightings are the first stages of the 2017 invasion. Russian experts believe aliens will invade Earth in order to stop a growing cold war soon to explode.