2016 iMac release date: VR-ready, all-in-one Apple desktop expected in October


#iMac #iPhone72016 iMac release date: VR-ready, all-in-one Apple desktop expected in October : Apple fans are expecting a lot of products from the Cupertino-based company this year. Aside from the previously announced new iPhone 7, fans are expecting the company to release a brand-new 2016 update for their all-in-one desktop computer, the Apple iMac.

According to the latest reports regarding the new Apple iMac, the company is expected to incorporate some of the latest technologies that are currently available into their new desktop computer. The new 2016 iMac is reportedly going to be coming with the latest AMD Polaris 10-based graphics processing unit (GPU).

The new graphics chips are based on the latest FinFET 14-nanometer architecture technology that promises extremely fast performance along with significantly less power consumption.

AMD has already released a number of consumer grade products, and it is highly likely that they will also be making these products available for Apple for them to add to their machines.

If the cards are indeed incorporated in the new iMac, it will be making the all-in-one computer completely ready for virtual reality (VR) applications. This would be a big step for Apple as, currently, none of their computers are VR-ready.

Oculus’ Palmer Luckey had even mentioned that their device will not work with Apple machines as they apparently do not have the hardware capable of running VR programs.

There are several reports that predict that the 2016 iMac may also be coming with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor. However, some publications have claimed that it is possible for Apple to go with AMD Zen processors, which are also quite capable.

Other components such as the storage, display, RAM, and other hardware will also reportedly be upgraded. For now, there hasn’t been any confirmation yet as to the actual specs of the 2016 iMac, but reports have claimed that the new device may be coming out as soon as October this year. Source: Mnrdaily