Google Nexus 7 Release Date Rumors: Launch Happening Soon? Here’s Why


#Nexus7 #SmartphoneGoogle Nexus 7 Release Date Rumors: Launch Happening Soon? Here’s Why : Rumors about Google Nexus 7’s release date have been circulating the Internet. Because of these speculations, we have rounded up details to see if the launch could really be just around the corner.

Just recently, it was reported that Google ordered to stop the sales of Nexus 9. The tech giant is also allegedly working on a new tablet. These led to speculations that its latest model, the Google Nexus 7, will be unveiled soon.

Google is also known for releasing new Nexus devices every year to showcase its new operating system. It has been announced that Android Nougat will be the official OS of their upcoming devices to be released this year. Its fifth and final preview was even unveiled to developers recently.

Since there are reports that the much awaited OS will be launched this August, it is likely that the Nexus 7 will also be launched within the same time frame.

Aside from theories about the Google Nexus 7’s release date, there have also been a lot of reports about its features. Rumors about Google Nexus 7 claim that it will be fitted with a 7-inch display with Quad HD resolution.

The tablet will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or Nvidia Tegra X1 processor chipset accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Just like the Nexus 6P, the gadget will have 128 internal storage and up to 2TB external memory support.

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