How To Remove iPhone Sim Lock And Prevent It From Reoccurring


#iPhone #SimHow To Remove iPhone Sim Lock And Prevent It From Reoccurring : If your iOS device displays the Locked Sim message, in the top-left corner of the screen, you won’t be able to perform any cellular calls, or benefit from Mobile Data connectivity. This happens because your SIM card is deactivated and you practically don’t have any link with the nearby cellular towers.

This limitation doesn’t pop out all of a sudden. It’s kicking in when you reboot your iPhone, or whenever you turn it ON. Sim Lock is an additional layer of security that you can use, along with the classic Passcode and more recent Touch ID sensor.

Every smartphone needs a SIM card in order to be able to connect to the carrier and receive an allotted phone number. Each SIM has its own Passcode, called PIN code. Whenever you buy a new SIM Card you receive its initial PIN code for activating it.

How To Enable/Disable SIM Lock

You can opt that your iPhone requires the PIN code whenever it’s rebooted. Failing to provide the 4-digit string results in a temporary Sim Lock, which can be lifted by entering the SIM card’s PIN. This might prove itself annoying.

You can completely get rid of PIN code requests by disabling SIM Lock from the Settings app. However, this espouses your SIM cards to thefts. If an unauthorized person gets his hand your iPhone and extracts the SIM card, you might experience a data leak, if SIM lock isn’t available.

Fact: To teak this feature On/Off please browse to: Settings -> Phone -> SIM PIN. Tweak the toggle next to SIM PIN to activate or deactivate this security element.