Earth Will Invaded by a Giant Alien Spacecrafts In 2017 [Rumors]


#Alien #Earth – Rumors: Earth Will Invaded by a Giant Alien Spacecrafts In 2017 : Believe it or not? Aliens have concluded plans to launch an invasion of Earth next year, a doomsday conspiracy theorist has announced.

According to the doomsday prophet who claims to have deciphered the Delphic pronouncements of Nostradamus and the cryptic biblical Book of Revelation, aliens will invade Earth in a gigantic alien spacecraft. The spacecraft will shoot death rays, killing millions of people.

YouTube doomsday prophet Psychic T. Chase sends a dark message of warning to the world about terrifying events that will happen very soon in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel Revelation13net, on July 24, 2016.

The doomsday prophet claims that Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation predict that an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth will take place between 2017 and 2020.

According to the YouTube conspiracy theorist, before aliens stage an invasion of Earth, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take actions that spark World War III. But aliens led by Jesus Christ at his second coming will intervene before humanity self-annihilates in an apocalyptic nuclear war.

Psychic T. Chase assures his fans that Jesus and his army of ETs will defeat Putin. After Putin is defeated, the Jesus-alien confederation would then take over the world, impose a world government to save humanity from itself.

The YouTube prophet’s assessment of mankind is pessimistic: We are too war-like to govern ourselves peacefully. Humanity is set on an inevitable path to self-destruction and only a hand from above can save us.

After aliens led by Jesus take over Earth, they will launch a genetic engineering program to purge humanity of its self-destructive propensities. Jesus and the aliens would re-engineer human DNA to make humans more peaceful.