NASA Decides to Release UFO Appearance to Public


#Nasa #UFONASA Decides to Release UFO Appearance to Public : NASA has released videos of UFO sightings to the public for the first time ever. It is not difficult to believe the space agency has not come across some form of alien life in space. They have conducted numerous missions, and have a large collection of UFO videos.

The latest release of NASA alien film is evidence life does exist in space. The compilation posted by YouTube channel Explore the world shows videos from different missions like Apollo, Gemini, and ISS to name a few.

NASA decides to release UFO videos to show the public the truth; they may not be saying aliens exist, but these videos clearly say they do

NASA has a new image to uphold when discussing UFO and alien truth. Like her mouth was saying no, but her eyes said yes, kind of thing. The space agency has released some of their most compelling alien spacecraft videos to date. They are from tons of space missions. It begins with the Apollo 10 footage, tracking a spacecraft making an Earth flyby. You be the judge.

Years of space exploration by NASA and Russia have led to several alien encounters; why haven’t these UFO videos been shown before?

NASA or Russia is responsible for all the video, except for one. The second to last one, however, the rest are indeed authentic. There is a lot of compelling UFO footage suggesting aliens do in fact exist. One of the most interesting is the video of a spacecraft hovering above the moon. It was captured during the Apollo 16 mission in 1972. It clearly shows a flying saucer spacecraft.