[Video] UFO Seen under water near Brownsville, Texas


#UFO #TexasUFO Seen under water near Brownsville, Texas (Video) : An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was reported hovering over Brownsville, Texas, this week, inspiring speculation that, since it was hovering over water (the city is just off the Gulf of Mexico), it could be from a nearby underwater base.

The UFO in question was captured on video as well. The Houston Chronicle reported August 9 that UFO enthusiasts were “going nuts” over a short video uploaded to YouTube by UFO Casebook that depicts a glowing white object hovering over Brownsville, the southernmost city in Texas.

According to the witness (via the Mutual UFO Network report), the “bright, oval shape object moving slowly from left to right” was spotted on the way back from a fishing trip.

The witness also noted that, “The object had a small object that was trailing the big oval object and was absorbed, but was not captured on the video.”

As the Chronicle noted, the video is of “poor quality and shaky,” but that seems to be all that is needed to start the discussion about what the object might be and where it might have originated.

Scott C. Waring at UFO Sightings Daily believes that what is being seen is the reflection of an adversely affected cloaking device. He adds, “This UFO appears to be over the ocean which could lead us to assume that the UFO came from an underwater base not far away.”