iPhone 7 release date and rumours Update


#Features #iPhone7 iPhone 7 release date and rumours Update : The iPhone 6s has been out for around a year now, and that means the iPhone 7 is imminent. The next iPhone 7 should be here in just a few weeks’ time, and we’re expecting Apple to make serious changes to its flagship handset.

There are currently loads of rumours and concepts floating around about the iPhone 7, from the fairly legitimate, to the outlandish and very unlikely ones we won’t bother to get into.

So, to separate the nonsense from the useful clues and leaks, we’ve put together the most likely and important things we currently know about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro.

1. Apple will release THREE versions of the iPhone 7

This September, we’re expecting Apple to release an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – but we should be seeing the launch of a brand-new model called the iPhone 7 Pro.

Using the recently released iPad Pro as a guide, it’s sensible to think Apple will use the iPhone 7 Pro as a high-end flagship.

That means the rumoured Smart Connector and the lack of headphone jack should be standout features of the iPhone 7 Pro rather than the normal iPhone 7. In fact, a recent leak by @evleaks and uSwitch appears to show the iPhone 7 Pro, and it looks like you’d expect.

2. The iPhone 7’s UK release date is a MONTH away

The iPhone 7 isn’t too far away now. Almost every iPhone – apart from the iPhone SE – is released in the last few weeks of September, and current rumours don’t suggest iPhone 7 will be any different.

Several reports suggest that companies expected to supply components for the iPhone 7 ramped up production back in May, which fits in with a September release date. Bloomberg has also since reported that the iPhone 7 will be released on 7th September.