With Galaxy Note 7, Is Samsung Getting Too Far Ahead Of Apple?


#iPhone7 #GalaxyNote7With Galaxy Note 7, Is Samsung Getting Too Far Ahead Of Apple? : Time for the iPhone faithful to panic? “The Galaxy Note 7 is miles ahead of the iPhone.” That recent headline at tech site TechnoBuffalo may strike some as clickbait. (It’s not.) Rather, it’s a gadget-savvy writer – Todd Haselton – simply expressing his chagrin at the widening technological gap between Samsung and Apple.

“Samsung’s device is already leaps and bounds ahead of what we’re expecting from the iPhone 7…and there’s currently no indication Apple has anything that scratches the surface of what the Galaxy Note 7 can do,” Haselton wrote.

He cites goodies like the curvy 5.7-inch Quad HD screen, iris scanner that compliments the fingerprint reader, better support for virtual reality gear, and the camera’s upgraded HDR capabilities, among a list of other things (which Samsung has already been offering with other phones).

Haselton is not alone. Raymond Soneira, a display expert who heads DisplayMate Technologies, has been making the case for a while that Apple is dangerously behind Samsung in curved OLED displays.

The display is probably the single most important component on a smartphone. “OLEDs have now evolved and emerged as the premium mobile Smartphone display technology…Apple’s rumored move to an OLED iPhone is simply a recognition [of that],” Soneira writes.

And leading market researchers are making similar arguments. “Samsung [is]…gaining share thanks to strong Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge performance,” IDC said in July.

I would add that Samsung also designs and manufacturers much of the core hardware that goes into its phones, including the processor (for certain markets) and OLED display.

In addition to having control over key aspects of the phone, Samsung is not susceptible to the vagaries (and in some cases unreliability) of outside suppliers, like Apple is.