NASA caught hiding earth-size alien UFO spacecraft, according to UFO hunters (Video)


#UFO #NasaNASA caught hiding earth-size alien UFO spacecraft, according to UFO hunters (Video) : UFO hunters claim to have obtained evidence backing recent claims by multiple UFO researchers that the agency deliberately uses pixel glitches to hide alien UFO spacecraft spotted on the agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) images of the Sun.

According to UFO hunters, two images taken recently by different Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescopes (EIT) on board NASA’s SOHO spacecraft reveal square-shaped pixel glitches (see images below). The separate images, taken on August 7 by EIT 195 at 01:13 UTC and EIT 171 at 13:00 UTC, show the same square-shaped pixelation flaw at the same location on the Sun.

UFO hunters claim that the occurrence of pixel glitches at the same location on two different images of the Sun proves that they [the pixel glitches] did not occur accidentally, but were generated deliberately to hide an anomaly on the Sun. “NASA is fond of using these square pixels when they want to block something out.”

According to the popular UFO hunter Secureteam10, in a video uploaded to YouTube on August 11, 2016, he claims that “they can do that under the guise of a simple [pixel] glitch.” We have two separate images of the sun taken a day apart showing what looks like a glitch in the middle of the [image] of the sun, Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner said.

“We have an image showing a [square-shaped] pixel on the sun,” he continued. “We have another shot of the sun taken with a different camera in a different wavelength showing the same pixel in the same spot on the sun. This proves that this is not some image artifact or pixelation glitch caused by a natural occurrence such as a sun flare.