Six surprising things you can do with your smartphone


#Mobile #Smartphonesix surprising things you can do with your smartphone : With more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and 2.2 million in Google Play, there are tons of things you can do with your smartphone beyond making calls and texting. Here are some of the most innovative apps that make your smartphone do things you’ve never imagined.

1. Measure your heart rate

Instant Heart Rate is an app that uses your phone’s camera and flash to take a reading of your pulse. Just place your index finger on the camera and the app will automatically measure your heart rate by detecting color changes.

The app also collects data from each reading to create charts that help you monitor your heart rate over time. Plus, you can add tags and notes such as “Just woke up,” “Before bed,” “Exercising,” and “Resting,” to make your tracking more effective.

You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to benefit from this app. It’s also helpful if you have a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes and need to monitor your heart rate closely. When I tested the app, it was within a beat or two of manually measuring my heart rate.

A free basic version is available for both Apple and Android users. However, there is also a Pro version (Apple, $2.99/Android, $1.99) that’s ad-free and offers unlimited data tracking. Click here to learn more about Instant Heart Rate, and get download instructions.