5 of Albert Einstein’s thought experiments that revolutionized science


#Experiments #AlbertEinstein 5 of Albert Einstein’s thought experiments that revolutionized science : Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, forever changed the landscape of science by introducing revolutionary concepts that shook our understanding of the physical world.

One of Einstein’s most defining qualities was his remarkable ability to conceptualize complex scientific ideas by imagining real-life scenarios. He called these scenarios Gedankenexperiments, which is German for thought experiments.

Here are a few thought experiments that demonstrate some of Einstein’s most groundbreaking discoveries.

Imagine you’re chasing a beam of a light.

This is something Einstein started thinking about when he was just 16 years old. What would happen if you chased a beam of light as it moved through space?

If you could somehow catch up to the light, Einstein reasoned, you would be able to observe the light frozen in space. But light can’t be frozen in space, otherwise it would cease to be light.

Eventually Einstein realized that light cannot be slowed down and must always be moving away from him at the speed of light. Therefore something else had to change. Einstein eventually realized that time itself had to change, which laid the groundwork for his special theory of relativity.