PS4 Update 4.00 – Everything We Know So Far


#Gaming #PS4PS4 Update 4.00 – Everything We Know So Far : Sony today provided more details on the upcoming major 4.00 update for the PlayStation 4. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s John Koller outlined some of the new features for the update, which includes a UI refresh, more organization tools in the form of folders, updates to the quick menu screen, and more.

The update is codenamed Shingen. People in the public beta program selected for the beta should be on the lookout now for an email with details on how to get started.

First, the PS4’s main user interface is changing to become “more refined and easier to use,” Koller said. The overall look will remain the same, but “a lot of adjustments and improvements” have been made.

“That includes some changes you may notice right away, like new system backgrounds and a revised What’s New tab, to smaller changes like updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons,” Koller explained.

PS4 4.00 also makes changes to the Quick Menu to make it “faster and easier to use.” With the update applied, the menu will only cover a portion of the screen, so that you don’t need to completely leave gameplay to access it.